The Curse

from by VintergatA



Paternoster Old dark forest
Pain of earth crust
Brunches over skies
Fingers of evil widow

Pine forest hides its ulcers
Tracks of black smallpox
The leaves are away
for eight hundred years

Paths will open
With lunar eclipse
In the mask of his face
The madness is hidden.

Flesh is torn
The body is exhausted
Wood is snapping
With sharp boughs.

The field is covered with snowy shroud
Silk took the smell of bitter grass
Rumor brought sorrow with blizzard
Betrothed, he's a slave of other embrace

The servants of night are blind
Made evil in the world
The wild boar’s bones smoulder
In velvet ashes

In crucibles and retorts
There's blood of sea devil
Herb will get power
In moon silver

I gave my life to him but
You've separated us, spun a web of lieth

You came to me
Your fear is thrown off
Black lustre in the eyes
With an oath on your lips

I see through fog
The dirt of heavy thoughts
Pain of soul wounds
I’m the forest wizzard

First of all bring to me
A hair from her head
Let’s the water cold down
The flame of throngs rumor

Let nobody see
Our magic union
I will hide in the sleeve
The ace of spades

The comet tail flickers on the coat
Where the second shadow trembles
Draw with a mistletoe on the coals
He chose the target of dark.

The circle is lined sharply
With wax of black candle
There is a hair smouldering
In flames

The smoke of sulfur burnt
The thunder of empyrean
Leafage will cover the flesh
In the cold ground

The heart of mine
Is lost in sins
The will of mine
Is in stranger's hands
The soul of mine
Is ornated with scars,
With drops of tears
And eternal disgrace
With evil is filled
The envy of mine
I haven't saved up
My home and my luck.


from Lands of Plague, released April 30, 2016



all rights reserved


VintergatA Moscow, Russia

Dark Fantasy Blackened Metal (Russia/Finland)

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