A Song of Ice and Fire (feat Nataly Malice)

from by VintergatA



Sun is drifting, setting, creeping into hollows,
Silently the earth's groaningl, the dry clay,
like mercury the time is flowing, losing its force
From distant marshes with dusk and mire it blows.

From dusk to dawn,
Writhes the ancestral land.
Heat and dust,
Chime in the ears

From dusk to dawn,
Wind carries ashy clouds.
How can I gain strengh
to make a step?

How many of them are agonized
Suffering in hell -
In the mortal flesh and horrid wounds
'Neath the bales in mounds?.

Dead dream doesn't heal sores,
And they did not sleep forever!
And devoid of gift of speech,
There was a jackal - the forerunner.

Hour by hour storm is brewing
Skies are swarming with furies,
And, descending, the are tearing
Grass and heather at the mound.

At night, in the gullies the moisture is flowing,
In veil the snakes are swirling
They are drawing from the dungeons
By the power of the fire.

unholy dale lies frostbitten
By the echo of cold winter,
For the king and for the nation
There's no angrier than blizzard.

And just taking awful form,
From the ice a living lich
Satisfying power's hunger,
It's the cold and fire's pitch.

From dusk to dawn,
Only one will get the heart


from Lands of Plague, released April 30, 2016



all rights reserved


VintergatA Moscow, Russia

Dark Fantasy Blackened Metal (Russia/Finland)

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